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Harvest hymn

With September comes the pop sound of hunters hunting, the bright buzz of kids on their way to school and the familiar banter of a group of friends who gather to help Serge harvest his grapes. Fall and cooler weather is upon us and summer memories fade quickly. The team is out to do a job, hopefully before the rains come. But like all wine makers, Serge pushes the limits, trying to harvest his grapes at their optimum level of ripeness. And this year he beat the odds. The shears, boots and rain gear have been put away for another year and the grapes are slowly turning into wine. Perfectly ripe, concentrated grapes should mean lovely, concentrated wines down the road. The team can wipe their collective brow and smile for a job well done. The aching muscles,  great food and bad jokes will return in a year or so.

To learn more about Serge check out my earlier post, Bottles of wine and the mail’s on time.


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