A great rosé for summer

An idyllic winery setting with Mont Ventoux as a backdrop.

Last week, on my very hurried way to a pre-wedding wine tasting I’d organized for a young couple from Australia, I had a feeling I needed more wine. You see, the numbers had increased the night before and it was a hot morning plus the theme was rosé and I only had two to pour. So, reaching the lovely rolling hills of the Ventoux, I caught site of a winery name on the side of the road that struck a distant chord in my cluttered brain so I screeched to a halt, did a 360 and turned up a steep mountain road.

A classy, salmon hued rosé made from Grenache, Cinsault and a bit of Syrah.

After several kilometres of tight hairpin turns and realizing my time was running out, I ditched the initial destination and turned into the first winery I happened upon, Domaine du Tix. This small 12 acres winery was started in 2001 by Philippe Danel and his wife as a way to escape the noise and pollution of Paris and live the easy-going life of a winery owner. Of course he admitted to me that he’s never worked so hard but he wouldn’t give it up for anything. We had just a bit of time to chat; just enough to learn he used to coach hockey and once went to Canada with a team.

I found a great, refreshing yet complex rosé that ended up being a hit at the tasting and a new domain that I am sure I will visit again soon.


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