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Back with a bang!

Wow. About time your likely thinking. Where did that food warrior guy get to? Was he swallowed up in the bowels of a gigantic bread dough machine? Or perhaps he got eaten alive by a gnarly wild boar. In fact, I can’t lay claim to anything nearly as exciting as the above. I just got busy doing other stuff. Some exciting new stuff like creating my new wine and food tour company called Promo Vinum Winery Plus Tours and lots of mundane, everyday boring stuff like being a taxi driver for my kids.

So, now that I have finally made the effort to get back into writing, I want to try to give you a small feeling of what my foodie life is like in this special part of the world. Summer is here after a slow start to the year and there are many stories to tell.

I am also trying to improveĀ  my social networking skills. Thanks to a good friend, I have a FB page now that should be linked with this blog and my website very soon. Just search for Promo Vinum or go to

The seven, sorry eight lobed wonder berry.

Speaking of nature, I found a true twist a few days ago at the Friday market in St. Quentin. A seven lobed strawberry that my son pointed out, actually had eight lobes. No GMO’s in sight. In spite of the odd look it tasted soooooo good.

May your summer be filled with many ripe berries, good bubbly and lots of good friends.






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