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On Fat, Freedom and Food

Time to change things up a bit. I’m going to try to post a lot more often with my thoughts on a lot of stuff to do with wine and food. More reactive, fresher and to the moment. So please stay tuned.

I heard a short news blurb on the radio this week that the US military elite has decided that fat people are a threat to national security. No, it’s not some bizarre plot to crush the army under very heavy folks. Apparently the military’s having a hard time getting enough recruits. Fully 3/4 of young, high school students are too overweight to be eligible for the army. The army brass are pushing Congress to adopt a nutritious food program for schools. Strange where good ideas come from sometimes.

A few weeks back I learned from a friend in France about the European Commission’s decision to allow farmers to grow a new GMO potato. She asked me to sign a petition to bring an end to such folly. I did and while I was learning more about this move I happened upon a series of videos on an even more scary story. If you haven’t heard of Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), you should get informed ASAP. Basically it’s a gigantic trade organization that regulates standards worldwide for almost everything that goes into our mouths. It is sanctioned and funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO)¬† and the UN. Sounds like a good idea until you understand that CAC was the brainchild of a German industrialist named Fritz derMeer who ran German industrial giant IG Farben during WW II. Fritz himself invented the infamous slogan, Arbeit Macht Frei, or work gives freedom that greeted the millions of soon to die prisoners of Auschwitz. The company also manufactured the gas that was used to murder them.

After the war Frtiz derMeer was sentenced to six years in prison and IG Farben was broken into smaller chunks that remain very powerful in the pharmaceutical and chemical field today. DerMeer decided that a better way to control the world was through food and by 1962 he and several influential colleagues created Codex Alimentarius trade commission to regulate food production worldwide. I won’t go into more detail except to say that the monster is out of the bag and it is very scary indeed. Check out the series of 2005 You tube videos by Dr. Rima E. Laibow and get informed how the multinationals are out to control food production to the detriment of our freedom to grow and eat locally sourced, nutritious food. Another great site for more info on the Codex nightmare is at;

Reading the Globe and Mail last week, I discovered¬† a truly disgusting trend that’s left me scratching my head all week. “Gainers” are people who get their thrills by adding on as much weight as possible. Written by Wendy Leung, the article profiles the story a 42-year-old mother from New Jersey who wants to reach 450 kg, which would make her the fattest lady alive. With much of the world starving to death and where food shortages and drought are commonplace, I just don’t get it. Something is badly out of whack. Have a look:

But remember, we have the power to fight back every time we go to the grocery store. If you can, grow your own fruits and vegetables. If you can’t, buy local, organic produce and join a food cooperative that guarantees, nutritious, fresh foods. Support farmers markets and can or freeze the abundance of summer gardens for those long winter months. If you have to go to the big supermarkets, apply the U rule; using only the perimeter of the store where usually one finds¬† fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and fish thus avoiding over packaged, industrial foods in the centre aisles. Sure it’s more work than opening a can, but you’ll be healthier and happier in the long run.

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