Exploring the Soul of Food and Wine

Today I figure is about as good as any other to get off my butt and jump into the blogosphere. The subject choice was easy to make. Food and wine. But I’m not interested in starting another recipe blog. There are more than enough of them out there already.

Real Food Warrior (RFW) is a meandering forum of all that is interesting, beautiful, bizarre, moving and sometimes shocking in the realm of food and wine. I want to discuss the themes and trends of today and look at how the choices we make today will affect life on this small green planet in the middle of space in the future.

For example, in the west but especially in America overweight or obese people represent over 65% of the population. And many of those people are on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. If they could eat better, healthier food they would but much of it is too expensive. It’s just another way to separate the rich from the poor. For those of us who can afford fresh vegetables, fruits, quality meats, fish and so on it’s as if we’re running on super premium gas. We build stronger, healthier bodies and tend to do better in school and work.  Financial success brings a lot of material rewards, cars, boats and other toys but I wonder if it doesn’t come at too high a cost. Stress is a part of life today. Busy people run from daycare to work to meetings, to classes and then home to bed. Many cram a bite to eat on the run and then a quick dinner at home before settling down with their favourite TV show. Life can go on like that for a long while and some get used to it but for many the bubble bursts with either burnout, depression, divorce or substance abuse the result.

For much of the rest of the world life is about surviving from day-to-day; scraping together a meal for a family where no supermarkets exist, no lush green pastures, no orchards.  This huge disparity from our world to theirs is unacceptable. The world as I see it is very much out of balance. Problems like global warming and all the radical changes that result are frankly quite scary but not because solutions don’t exist. They do but the political elites don’t seem to take the problem seriously. I hope it won’t take a major catastrophe for world powers to act.

What can we do? Start by treating our amazing planet earth as our home and not our slave. Reduce our carbon footprint (walk, bike, skate or run to get the groceries or to go to work). Plant a garden or a planter garden and support local farmers as much as possible (I just can’t give up chocolate overnight) for the stuff you can’t grow yourself. With a bit of help even a total newbie can learn how to start a small garden. As well as eating food that you grow you’ll find your body will appreciate all that digging, weeding, watering and harvesting. Getting the hands dirty is just so good for the soul too. I can feel the stress levels going down just writing about it!

Here are a few of the themes I want to explore:

  • the effect that first industrialization and now globalization is having on the food and wine of the planet
  • the slow and local food movements and how they are encouraging consumers to think about how they eat and the positive and negative effects our choices generate
  • nutrition and food education for all but especially for underprivileged citizens
  • innovators in food and wine; biodynamic and organic cultivation
  • profiles of food and wine artisans who respect nature and strive for excellence
  • photographs, videos, prose, paintings etc that focus on food and wine

I want RFW to be as interactive as possible as well. Let me know what you think about any of my posts.




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One response to “Exploring the Soul of Food and Wine

  1. Hello Joe and family,

    How is life. Still in Canada?
    Well life is strolling along and I am busy with Wine Safari and giving lectures about Rhone wines on hotelschools in Switseland, Holland and Belgium.
    All the best Mike

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